MOYANA Youth Group & Sunday School

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to bring together our Macedonian community as a whole with emphasis on the younger generations of Macedonians of our community. Also we would like to sponsor church events and help the church in any way, shape, or form anytime that will benefit the youth. We will be devoted and dedicated to everything we do for the church. We promise everything we do for the church and outside the church will be beneficial to us all as a Macedonian community. MOYANA will be a youth group that is only focused for St. Mary’s of Sterling Heights. MOYANA will work very close with some Uprava members to coordinate our events. Also all MOYANA members 18 years of age and older will become full pledged members of the church.

“Move to a new beginning for the youth…… Move to MOYANA”

Our Goals

Our goals for MOYANA are based on what we think is best for the church such as the following. First of all as MOYANA we want to start helping the church in any way that benefits the youth. Another thing MOYANA wants to do is bring the younger generation back to the church by having events such as igrankas, DJ parties, and concerts more often than we do now. By doing that our Macedonian community would have more of the youth involved in helping the church and hopefully more youth coming to Sunday liturgy. Also MOYANA plans to do events that are outside of church such as a car wash, bake sale, and a church rummage sale. We are also open to take any of the ideas you might have for us that you want to see MOYANA do for the church.

Ready To Join Us?

You can contact us via email for inquiries to join MOYANA! We would love to have your family in our group and look forward to hearing from you!